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Located in Bridgewater Center
Broad Street Tattoo
16 Broad Street (Rt. 18)
Bridgewater, MA
Across from D’Angelos
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Open every Tuesday-Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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Joe Staska started the legacy of Broad Street Tattoo more then a decade ago immediately following the state’s legalization of the art form. Since its doors opened in 2001, the shop has developed its reputation as being a clean, custom tattoo studio with the walk-in convenience of a street parlour. With the ever-growing popularity of tattoos came many more tattoo shops in the area, but none have a reputation as solid as Broad Street Tattoo. Our clients range from 18 year olds looking to get their first tattoo to our ‘regulars’ who have granted us the opportunity to use their entire bodies as our canvases.

Our second chapter has just begun with the addition of two new owners. Colby Leonard and Henry Leoncio have taken their experiences gathered all over the world, from Miami to Denmark, and are applying them to the new Broad Street Tattoo. The shop continues to be clean and comfortable, with friendly and accomplished artists. The team is made up of a diverse crew with a broad range of styles and talents, but what holds them together is a constant drive to become better artists and pride in the shop. With a refreshed studio and ambitions high, Broad Street Tattoo is ready to take the team of talented artist to the next level in the tattoo world.Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us by enduring the pain of a tattoo for any length of time and recommended a friend to do the same. Without you and your endorsement, testimonials and tenacity we would not still be here after all these years.

Contact us at by phone at 508-279-2828 or contact us.