Wash your hands any time you are going to touch your tattoo.
Touching your tattoo with dirty hands is one of the easiest ways to cause infection.
Gently remove the bandage after 1-2 hours.
If the bandage is stuck to your tattoo wet the bandage in order to slide it off; do not force it’s removal.
Cleanse the area with aftercare soap (dial, provon, dr bronner’s) & lukewarm water.
Work up a laterh in your hands and gently rub the tattoo to remove any blood or other bodily fluids completely.
Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.
Alternatively you can let the tattoo dry completely (approximately 10 minutes).
Lightly work a THIN layer of aftercare ointment over the tattoo. Work it into the skin and wipe away any excess. Use aquaphor for the first two days, and a plain lotion (nivea creme, aveeno, lubriderm) for the next 10 days.
Repeat steos 1,3,4, & 5 approximately 2-3 times a day or more if the tattoo is exposed to excess dirt and/or sweat.
As your tattoo heals, expect peeling and itching much like a sunburn. Only use product formulated for use on tattoo.
Other products may cause improper healing and/or allergic reactions
Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo.
Avoid baths, pools, hot tubs, and oceans (2 weeks).
Over saturating your tattoo in water could loss of pigment and/or infection.
Avoid germs touching your tattoo (pet dander, sand, dirt, etc)
Do not pick any scabs that may form.
Your tattoo will be dry and peeling while it heals but do not scratch the tattoo. Picking at scabs and scratching can cause loss of pigment and scarring in the tattoo.
Unscented lotion will help relieve itching.

The first night before bed you may re-bandage your tattoo with plastic wrap in order to keep it from sticking to your sheets and potentially staining your bedding or clothing with ink and/or blood. Do not continue to use plastic wrap beyond this. The total healing time is generally around 2 weeks, but it is ultimately determined by your body as each person will heal differently. Continuing with a plain unscented, water based hand lotion will keep your tattoo looking brighter longer. After healing is completed you should use sunblock on your tattoo while outdoors to prevent fading.